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Stewart Symonds sheet music collection no. 4, volume of songs and music, circa 1845-1886.
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Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for voice and piano.
Pencil annotations.
This volume is extremely damaged and fragile. Parts of title pages have been torn out.
Various inscriptions on some of the scores, most cannot be read. The legible ones are: 'Louisa Fyle?', 'N.E. Tait from Ma...', 'Marian?', 'Anne Charlotte Sharp...Hunter St. Sydney', 'Miss A.C. Sharp, 81 Hunter St Sydney', 'Mrs Fyle?'.
10 of the scores have numbering on them. They appear to be the ones that belong to Anne Charlotte Sharp. The numbering includes the manuscript. We have numbers 4,5,6,10,16,18,22,24,25 and 168.
Provenance: Stewart Symonds sheet music collection.
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Sydney : [private collection]
35 scores (1 volume) ; 34 cm.
First Love / H. Farmer -- "Bonnie Dundee Quadrille" - the titles of airs include 'Bonnie Dundee', 'Over the Sea', 'Jessie, the Flower o' Dunblane', 'Jock o' Hazeldean'. And in the Cornet pieces - Bonnie Dundee Quadrilles nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, variation,
finale and "of a' the airts the win' can blaw", We're a Noddin', 'what's a the steer kimmer' and 'bonnie dundee'./ Charles D'Albert -- Estelle, Valse/ Charles D'Albert -- Le Regret. Romance. Op. 12 "To Miss Fanny Heather (of Springfield House)"/ E. de Barry -- Galop di Bravoura op. 17/ Jules Schulhoff -- Song, Love's Minstrel / Wallace; arranged by Ignace Gibsone -- Catherine Hayes, Polka "Cade Mille Failtha!"/ W. C. Harwood -- The Rich Man's Bride/ Charles William Glover -- The Rich Man's Bride New Edition/ Charles William Glover -- Truth in Absence/ Edmund B. Harper -- Cornstalk Polka/ G. Thornton Esq. [the right worshipful, then mayor of Sydney] -- Sultan's Polka/ Charles D'Albert -- The Polka Mazurka/ Verdi; arranged and partly composed by Lewis Moss -- I think of Thee/ Fredric Ellard (From the German of Goethe) -- The city of Sydney polka/ Charles Packer -- The Great Gun Polka/ Carlo Minasi -- I'm thinking O'er the Short Sweet Hour/ John Adams; words by Gerard Massey -- Gerty's Song of the Star/ Stephen Glover -- The Burlesque Galop ("as performed by the band of H. M. 12th Regt. Under the Direction of Mr. H. Prince")/ James Cassidy -- La Pluie de Perles Valse/ G. A. Osborne -- My Mother's Gentle Voice (sweet and low)/ Beaumont Read (words and Music); Arranged by John Hill R. A. M. -- The Moonlight Polka/ W.H. Cooke -- I'm Leaving Thee Annie!/ George Barker "by the Author of the 'Irish emigrant'" -- The Australian Polka Mazurka/ Armand Roekel -- Old England and the New (the immensely successful Anglo Australian Patriotic Song)/ E. Longmans; written by Harry Adams -- The Konoowarra Polka /Charles Huenerbein -- Two lessons in the practice of Octaves, The scale and study of Bertini [manuscript] -- "Oh the Bonnie hills of Scotland"- words [handwritten] -- Your Willie has Returned Dear (7th edition - answer to 'willie we have missed you')/Spagnoletti, R.A., words by Desda --The Lancers Quadrilles or Duval's second set: La Dorset/ Spagnoletti -- Lodoiska/ Kreutzer -- La Native , air from the beggars' opera -- Les Graces -- Les Lanciers/ Yaniewicz -- La Schottische. Francaise/ C. Pugni -- The Stop Waltz -- The Stop Waltz -- Pretty Maiden/ C.E. Horn -- The Bride from the North/ Arthur S. Sullivan; poetry by H. F. Chorley -- The Gorilla Quadrille/ C. H. R. Marriott -- The New Prince Imperial Quadrilles/ Henry Marsh -- Dixey's Land Gallop -- Palermo - includes the titles Il Marito, Luisella, Il Primo Amore, La Cosetora, La Marinarella/ Charles D'Albert.
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