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G.M. [?] volume of songs and music, circa 1847-1860.
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Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for voice and piano.
The majority of the 39 scores bound into the album seem to be from the late 1840s to mid 1850, including 24 scores published in Sydney.
One loose score, 'Plaisir D'Amor' by Martini, published c1940, has been slipped into the back of the volume at a later date.
'G M' [?] initalled on the top of 7 scores.
Provenance: Stewart Symonds sheet music collection.
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Sydney : [private collection]
43 scores (1 volume) ; 35 cm.
I love her. Ballad. Sung by Mr Harrison; also Mr John Homson, in the Grand Romantic Opera of The Enchantress./ M.W. Balfe -- We Come to Thee Savoy! Duet, sung by Miss Emma Lucombe & Miss Dolby, Miss A. Williams & Miss M. Williams, Miss Smith & Miss
Julia Smith, Miss Flower & Miss Sara Flower/ Charles W. Glover; written by C. K. Paxton -- The Sisters' Meeting, Duet, sung by Miss Flower & Miss Sara Flower, Miss Emma Lucombe & Miss Dolly, Miss A. Williams & Miss M. Williams, Mrs Newton & Miss Lanza, Miss Smith & Miss Julia Smith/ F. Romer; words by Alfred Morland Esq'r. -- I Dreamt that I Dwelt in Marble Halls, as sung by Mrs Stirling, in the Opera of the Bohemian Girl/ M. W. Balfe -- Ballad, By the Sad Sea Waves, the words by J. L. Lambert, The Music by Jules Benedict. Sung by Miss Sara Flower, on Friday Evening, May 3, 1850, Royal Victoria Theatre/ Jules Benedict; words by J. L. Lambert -- The Harp that once thro Tara's Halls/ Thomas Moore -- Gems of Song. Do Not Mingle One Human Feeling. From Bellini's Grand Opera of La Sonnambula/ Bellini -- Gems of Song. Beautiful Venice./ J. P. Knight; poetry by J. E. Carpenter; arranged by J. Valentine -- Second Edition. Woman's Heart. The Celebrated Romance, sung by Miss Sara Flower, with the most enthusiastic applause, at the Royal Victoria Theatre, in the Opera of The Enchantress/ M.W. Balfe -- Madoline. As sung by Mr. John Gregg, at Mr Winterbottom's Concerts/ S. Nelson; written by Edward J. Gill -- My Pretty Page Look Out Afar, Duetto from the Musical Romance of Henri Quatre/ Poetry by T. Morton. Music by Henry R. Bishop -- My Home in the Valley Below, Tyrolienne/ Alexander Lee; words by Fredrick Enoch -- Gems of Song. We have Liv'd and Lov'd Together/ H. Herz. -- Never Give Up!/ Harry Mackenzie; written by M.F. Tupper Esq're -- The Four Leaved Shamrock, no. 8 of the Songs of The Superstitions of Ireland/ Samuel Lover esq'r --The Rich Man's Bride/ Charles William Glover -- The Gipsy/ J. F. Duggan; written by Miss Emily Ham -- My Bright Savoy, sung by Mad'lle Jetty Treffz/ Angelina; written by Shirley Brooks, Esq're -- Favorite Songs. Love Not./ J. Blockley; words by The Hon. Mrs Norton -- Fourth Edition, The Irish Emigrant/written by Lady Dufferin -- "Then You'll Remember Me," Ballad, sung by Mr Harrison, at the theatre Royal Drury Lane, In the Opera of The Bohemian Girl/ M. W. Balfe; written by Alfred Bunn Esq're -- Contents page for Vocal Gems, includes a number of the pieces in this volume. List of 71 pieces -- All's well/ Braham -- The Primrose is Blooming Again, Ballad/ Fred Kingsbury; words by Walter Tebbitt Esq'e -- Oh, Charming May! Cavatina, sung with the most unbounded applause by Miss Rebecca Isaacs, Miss Messent, Mrs Alexander Newton, Miss Eyles, Miss Cubitt, Mrs Sunderland, Miss Rose Braham, and all the the leading Vocalist/ G. Herbert Rodwell; words written by P. Henry Hatch Esq. -- I Vowed to Think No More of Thee, Ballad/ Walter Maynard; lyrics by G. Linley --"I Mention Not Her Name!" Ballad, composed, sung, & respectfully dedicated to Mrs John Chapple, Devon Cottage St. John's Wood, by Harry Mackenzie. Author of 'Never Give Up', 'I was happy till I knew thee'. And a series of British Melodies/ Harry Mackenzie -- Gone is that Calmness. Ballad, From the Opera of Matilda/ Vincent Wallace; words by Alfred Bunn -- In Happy Moments, Ballad, sung by Mr H. Phillips In the Grand Opera Maritana/ W. Vincent Wallace; poetry by A. Bunn Esq'r. -- Scenes that are Brightest, Ballad, sung by Miss Romer in the opera Mariana/ W. Vincent Wallace; written by E. Fitzball; poetry by A Bunn Esq' -- Agathe. Or When the Swallows Homeward Fly, sung by Miss Flora Harris/ Franz. Abt.; words by G.F. Graham -- Shells of the Ocean/ J. W. Cherry; words by J. W. Lake -- The Swedish Melodies. As sung by Mad'lle Jenny Lind/ arrangement by Herr Kuhe, poetry by J. Wrey Mould -- Second edition, The Flower Queen, Duet/ Charles W. Glover; written by G. K. Paxon -- Pestal/ arranged by C. E. Horne Esq'; written by W. H. Bellamy -- A selection of Irish Melodies/ Sir John Stevenson; words by Thomas Moore Esq'r. -- Favorite songs. She is Far From the Land/ arranged by Sir J. Stevenson; Words by T. Moore, esq.' -- The Maid of Judah, Descriptive Ballad/ Charles Sloman -- A selection of favorite songs by Herz, Lee, Rodwell, Bishop, Crouch, Russel &c.,They Tell me Thour't the Favour'd Guest/ M. W. Balfe; poetry by Thomas Moore Esq'r. -- "We May be Happy Yet, Ballad, Sung by Mr W. Harrison, at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, in the Opera of The Daughter of St. Mark/ M. W. Balfe; written by Alfred Bunn Esq're -- Ballad. Tell Him I Love Him Yet/ William Stanley -- Contents page for the volume with ticks and crosses by certain names in pencil [handwritten] -- Plaisir D'Amor/ Martini [loose, added later?].