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Miss Marcia Charlotte Zouch volume of songs and music, circa 1830-1860.
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Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for voice and piano.
Pencil annotations.
There are 2 scores from the first Australian opera 'Don John of Austria' by Isaac Nathan in this volume.
Mrs Maria Zouch's signature appears in the volume with the date 1853. The volume belonged to her and her daughter Marcia Charlotte.
'The visions of youth' composed by I.Nathan inscribed to 'Mrs Hovell with the composers compliments I. Nat...'. The last part of Nathan's name is cut off. Mrs Hovell is possibly Mrs Sophia Hovell, wife of William Hovell.
'The camp polka' has an inscription on p.4 'Miss Zouch from her affectionate nephew...'. His signature at the end is illegible.
Inscription on the top of 'Danse Galopade' to 'Miss Zouch from a school fellow'.
Marcia Charlotte Zouch was married to Nicholas Herbert Throsby in Goulburn. One of the scores is inscribed 'Miss Zouch Goulburn'.
Miss Zouch's signature or name appears on a number of the scores as does her mother.
Provenance: Stewart Symonds sheet music collection.
pre 1870.
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Sydney : [private collection],
59 scores (1 volume) ; ; 36 cm.
The sultan's polka/ Charles D'Albert -- Undine polka [The celebrated Undine polka]/ Mrs MacKinlay -- The Chobham camp polka/ W. Binckes -- The camp polka Chobham (cornet a piston in A sharp) & (trumpet of victory, drums etc)/ Charles D'Albert -- The
new bloomer polka/ Alfred Mellon -- The Katy-Did polka or souvenirs of castle garden third edition/ Jullien -- The military steeple chase polka/ J.G.Jones -- The Camellia polka/ F. Beyer -- Turkish cavalry march (The celebrated manoeuvre march by Johann Strauss)/ Stephen Glover -- Hearts and homes/ John Blockley -- Cheer, boys, cheer/ Henry Russell -- Nelly was a lady/ New York Serenaders, as sung by Joseph Nash -- I welcome thee with gladness/ Charles Jeffreys and S. Nelson (arranger) -- Why do I weep for thee?/ George Linley (writer) and W.V. Wallace (composer) -- Art thou in tears/ Nicholls Crouch, F. (composer) and Gill, Edward J. (words) -- The autumn flower/ Charles D'Albert -- The lonely harp -- "When the swallow homeward fly" (Agathe)/ Franz Abt -- Rosa Lee -- Scenes that are brightest/ I. Nathan -- The bleak house/ W.H. Montgomery (composer) and Ernest H. Reed (written by) -- [Fair land of Australia]/ Louis Henry Lavenu (music) and F.H. Dicker(written by) -- Farewell to the old house/ Charles Jefferys (written by) and Charles W. Glover (music) -- She is mine/ Curschmann -- Madoline/ Edward S. Gill (written by) and S. Nelson (composer) -- Good bye sweetheart, good bye/ John L. Hatton -- The Virginia rose bud/ Kavanaugh, F.H. -- Julia Phebiana Constantiana Brown/ J.P. Nash, sung by Mr Pierce -- Sir Wilfred/ I. Nathan, composer, David Burn, author, Mrs Ximenes, singer -- On! To the field!/ Charles Jeffreys (writer), arranged by Montgomery -- Happy birdling of the forest/ L. Lavenu -- Tho for a while -- There's a good time coming/ Henry Russell, words by Charles Mackay -- The visions of youth in which is introduced as an obligato accompaniment':"Why are you wandering here I pray"/ I. Nathan -- I dare not say how much I love/ I. Nathan -- What are the wild waves saying/ Stephen Glover and J.E. Carpenter -- Ben Bolt/ J.C. Rainer (arranged by) -- The deep deep sea as sung by the composer in honest frauds also by Madame Malibran at all the musical festivals/ C.E. Horn, music, Mrs George Sharp, poetry -- The land of the West/ Samuel Lover -- The boatman's dance -- Lucy Neal -- My old aunt Sally -- Dandy Jim of Caroline -- Get out de way old Dan Tucker -- Lucy Neal. Eleven Ethiopian songs / with the new words, as sung by the Serenaders. -- Old Joe/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- Old Joe/eleven Ethiopian songs -- Lucy Long/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- Old Dan Tucker/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- Dandy Jim of Caroline/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- Ole Bull and old Dan Tucker/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- Mary Blane/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- Old Tare River/ Eleven Ethiopian songs -- The gambler's wife/ Henry Russell, poetry by Dr. Crofts -- The Standard bearer/ Lindpaintner -- [unidentified] -- The witches dance & the military rondo/ Paganini, arranged for the pianoforte by Mr Jas McEwen -- Sons of Rusland famed in story - Canto nazionale [Jullien's opera Pietro il Grande]/ Jullien, Ferdinand Praeger -- Die Thrane, op: 150/ By Holzel; Voss, C. -- [Tarantella-Stradella]/ [Craven] -- Goulburn waltz/ Ali Ben Sou Alle -- La prima donna valse/ Jullien -- Dew-drop waltz/ Charles D'Albert -- Ibrahim Pacha/ Charles D'Albert -- Quadrille "Les Rats"/ Redler, G. -- Little Bo-Peep, Goosey, Goosey Gander, Girls and boys come out to play, There was a little man, Cheer boys cheer, no more idle sorrow/ Charles D'Albert -- The snow-drop schottische/ Edwards, Amelia -- Danse Galopade. Favourite Galopade/ Auber, composer and Barnet, arranger -- The war galop/ Charles D'Albert -- Galop for gold/ H. Marsh -- Sturm march galop/ arranged by T. Baker.