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Miss C. Crosby volume of songs and music, circa 1790-1810.
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Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for piano, flute and harp.
Pencil annotations.
Pressed ferns and leaf throughout volume.
At the back of the title page of the first score 'Ode to Charity': 'Miss Crosbie from her friend J.W. Hiort 31st Oct 1806'. John William Hiort (1772-1861) was a British architect. Hiort and Mrs Hiort were listed as subscribers at the beginning of the volume. G.E. Griffin the composer signed the bottom of the page.
G.E. Griffin (1781-1863) has inscribed 3 pieces 'From the author to Miss Crosbie'. He has also intialed the bottom of the score.
There is a Miss Crosby who is a Handel performer in London at the turn of the century. It is possible this volume of music belonged to her?
'Twelve original Hibernian melodies' is inscribed: 'Miss Crosby from her friend W.J. Hiort 1st Sept 1806'.
There is an ornate publisher's stamp at the bottom of 'Here's the bower'. 'JP' J. Powers Music Ware House (34) Strand. At the back of this page 'C.Crosby' is written in ink.
'Thos Boyce' is written at the bottom of 'Never kiss & tell'.
There are a number of early Irish publications at the back of the volume which are possibly pre 1800.
W.J. Bradshaw Antique Dealer - stamp on the inside back cover.
Provenance: Stewart Symonds sheet music collection.
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[London] : [private collection]
27 scores (1 volume) ; 35 cm.
Ode to Charity Composed and inscribed to The Institutors and Supporters of The Patriotic Fund Op. 3/ G. E. Griffin -- Op. 1. A Concerto for the Piano Forte with accompaniments for a Full Orchestra performed by the Author at the Opera Concert Rooms &c,
Composed and dedicated to Mr. J. B. Cramer by his pupil/ George Eugene Griffin -- Military Rondo for The Piano Forte composed and dedicated to Miss Lind/ G E Griffin -- Twelve Original Hibernian Melodies with English Words, imitated and translated from the works of the Ancient Irish Bards, with an introductory Preface & Dedication by Miss S[idney] Owenson, Arranged for the Voice with an Accompaniment for the piano Forte -- Aria/Waltz -- The Gipsy Rondo An original Air composed and arranged for the piano forte/ Mr. Holst -- The Favorite Dance of Lady Mary Arranged as a Rondo for the Piano Forte or Harp/ L. Jansen -- The Day of Love, A Ballad Music and Words/ Thomas Moore Esq -- Wilt Thou Say Farewell Love A Ballad/ the Music by Thomas Moore Esq The Words by [unknown] -- Here's The Bower, A Ballad, Dedicated to her Grace the Duchess of Bedford/ Thomas Moore -- When Time Steals Our Years Away A Ballad Dedicated to Mrs. Henry Tighe of Rosanna/ Thomas Moore [dated 1802] -- Never Kiss & Tell, Sung by Mrs Bland At the T.R.D.L. In the Opera of The Travellers of Music's Fascination With Harp & Flute Obligato/ Composed by D. Corri Written by Mr. Cherry -- On This Cold Flinty Rock I will Lay Down My Head sung by Mr. Braham also by Mr. Phillips at the Theatre Royal Dublin in the Favourite Opera of Kais or Love in the Deserts as performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane/ Composed by Mr. Braham -- Oh! Then Dearest Ellen I'll love you no more, A Ballad, composed and dedicated to Miss Fanny Nickson/ Sir John Stevenson -- The Pangs of Absence doom'd to prove, a canzonet, the words imitated from the Italian of Metastasio, Composed and Inscribed to Miss Plunket/ T. Phillips -- The Flowery Band. A Ballad with Accompaniment for the Piano Forte Written and Composed/ Thos. Moore Esq -- Mary I Believe Thee True A much Admired new song the words / Thomas Moore Esqr. --Perche ti Lagni Mio, The Celebrated Pollacca, As sung with universal Applause At The Dublin Concerts, composed with a Piano Forte, accompaniment and Violin Obligato/ Paul Alday -- Flora's Wreath, A Pastoral Ballad, as sung by Mr. Philipps with universal applause at the Dublin Theatre and at the Public & Private concerts/ composed by J. Mazzinghi, arranged for the Voice and Piano Forte with a Flageolet or German Flute Accompaniment... -- The Bay of Biscay O! As sung with Universal Applause/ Mr. Incledon -- William Was a Seaman True A Favourite Ballad/ Composed & Sung by Mr. Incledon -- He Loves and Rides Away A Favourite Ballad, as sung with unbounded applause by Mrs. Liston, at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden and Mrs. Cooke at the Theatre Royal Dublin Composed and Arranged with an Accompt. For the Piano Forte/ C. E. Horn -- The Love Letter A Favourite Song Composed and Sung by Mr. Braham in the new Comic Opera called Family Quarrels/ Mr. Braham: T. Dibdin (lyricist) and D. Corrie (arranger) -- Canzonet (addressed to a Young Lady on her Birthday) The words by Lady Blizard, set to music, & respectfully inscribed to Miss Mary Aston/ G. E. Griffin -- Ah! What Avails/ Composed by Sigr. Storace -- Farewell Bessy/ Music & Words by Thos. Moore Esq -- The Wreath you wove, A Ballad, Dedicated to Miss Ellen Moore/ Thos. Moore Esq.
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