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Historical revivals, commercial enterprise and public confusionnegotiating taste, 1860-1890 / Frances Collard [journal article]
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The art of decoration / by Mrs H.R. Haweis:
In : Journal of design history special issue: Domestic design advice Vol.16 No.1 2003 pp.35-48
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The history of fashionable taste in interior decoration has often included historic revivals, but during this period the almost bewildering array of styles based on national, foreign and exotic sources required the investigative skills and influential
arguments of design reformers and authors of advice manuals to guide consumers in the development of their personal taste at home. While museums and exhibitions offered visitors focused displays and other opportunities to increase their knowledge of historical or exotic styles, designers, manufacturers, dealers and retailers competed to attract customers with attractive catalogues and alluring collections of fashionable designs and products based on historic models, hoping to encourage greater commitment and therefore more investment from those eager to furnish their homes in the latest style. The consumer was thus educated, persuaded, influenced and finally manipulated into adopting whatever current style in home decorating and furnishing suited their income, practical considerations and personal inclinations.
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