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The French connection : the secret history of French influence in Australian architecture / Miles Lewis. [journal article]
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In : Journal of Australian colonial history Vol.8 2006 pp.91-116
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French influence in Australian architecture is extensive, but cannot be attributed to any single factor. It came in by the front door, the back door and the window. It is true that much of it came to these and other British colonies vicariously, because
it had already come to Britain, but actual French publications had a greater and more direct influence in Australia than Britain. And in the case of the Marseilles tile, a French export became an integral part of Australian culture. Finally, in the case of the Bow Truss building, French engineering ideas were taken to a level beyond what had been achieved in France itself. These influences are so disparate in their form, their manner of arrival, and their impact, that they have left us with a surprisingly complex picture of what is really, when taken as a whole. the very major influence exterted by France upon Australian architecture.