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Claude Colquhoun Crowe : Scouting / 1931-1970. [personal papers]
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Claude Crowe Papers : CCC/S/1-4
Provenance: Claude Crowe
personal papers
Comprises: CCC/S/1: Certificates and other ephemera relating to Claude Crowe's membership of the Boy Scouts Association 1st Albury Troop and 1st Albury Rover Crew 1931-1937, 1983. Includes: his appointment as Assistant Scoutmaster 1st Albury Scout Troop
11 Feb 1933; Scout Wood Badge awarded March 1935; letter of reference from District Commissioner, South Border District, November 1937; studio photograph of Southern Border District scouts (taken by Carlton Studio Kings Cross, Darlinghurst) on the occasion of the Baden Powell visiy to Sydney in March 1931; mounted photograph of the Rover Den, Albury, inscribed Xmas 1937; 39 small b&w photographs of scouting excursions 1935-1937; 4 b&w postcard sized photographs of a group of older scouts (including Claude Crowe) at Albury Rover Den, 1983.

CCS/S/2: Official souvenir programme of the visit to Sydney of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, 17th to 24th March 1931; Diary/log book of Bethanga Bridge Trip and other scouting hikes and excursions from Albury 1933-1934; ""Scouts Log Book of Hikes & Trips" covering excursions from 14 March 1936 to 8 August 1937; 3 notebooks recording work for Wood-Badge Part 1, 1933-1934; Notebook from Baden-Powell Training Camp, Pennant Hills, 1932-1933; The Pathfinder vol.1 no.1 1st Albury Boy Scout Group, July 1934; The Hackney Scout Song Book, 7th ed., 1931.

CCC/S/3: Collection of 19 letters and 17 small photographs from an American pen pal, Eagle Scout Warren E Handy of Worcester, Massachusetts, dated May 1934 to August 1941, some with newspaper clippings and other ephemera enclosed; 1 letter from Bob Rosevear of Ithaca, N.Y., March 1937; 1 letter dated Feb 1935 from the New York city Secretary of the World Brotherhood of Boys, Boy's Life, published by the Boy Scouts of America, asking if Claude is "still in the market for letters". [all but 1 letter and the photographs kept in a cigar box painted grey with a red cross, along with a small US flag]

CCC/S/4: Certificates and other ephemera relating to Claude Crowe's membership of the Boy Scouts Association 1st Bowral Group; Australian Boy Scouts Association, South Coast & Tablelands Area; and the involvement of both Claude and Isobel Crowe in the Hume Region of Scouts Australia, 1945-2000. Includes: Badge Examiner certificate dated April 1963 (for Senior Scouts - Bush Walker, Horticulturist, Senior Pioneer, Venturer, Camp Warden); notification of award of 'For Service' badge 1971; Award of 'Thank s Badge', 1976; Commissioners' Appreciation Certificate, award to Claude Crow for dedicated service to Hume area, 1989; President's Award for Services of an Exceptional Character to the Scout Movement, 1991; Appreciation Certificate from Hume Area Jamborette, 1993.

Also includes Visitors book from 1954 Berrima Scout Camp; Minutes book for Boy Scouts Association, First Bowral Group, April 1950-March 1959; manuscript notes on the history of the 1st Bowral Group Scouts.
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Claude Crowe Papers : CCC/A/14-17