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Stewart Symonds sheet music collection no. 3, volume of songs and music, circa 1824-1827.
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Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for voice and piano.
Binder's label inside front cover: 'C. Kern Stationer & Bookbinder 7 Hunter St. Sydney'.
Date of bound volume approximated from when advertisements for C. Kern Stationer... appeared in the Sydney newspapers.
Privately bound collection of scores chiefly for voice and piano.
This bound volume of sheet music consists of 2 works: 'Opera of der Freischutz' by C.M. von Weber and 'Opera of the Crociato in Egitto' by G. Meyerbeer.
Pencil annotations.
There are 3 wax spots on the inside front cover suggesting that notes might have been attached there.
The scores from the 'Opera of the Crociato in Egitto' have a paper slip pasted over the publication details: 'Sold at Ellard's music saloon. 47 Lower Sackville St. Dublin'.
Andrew Ellard came to Sydney in 1839 and then set up apparently in competition with his son Francis. That it was some mutually agreed strategy should not be entirely discounted. However, in November 1839, during the pre-Christmas season Francis placed what reads as an exasperated warning advertisement: ‘MUCH inconvenience having been occasioned from a misapprehension that Mr. F. ELLARD and his father are connected in business . . .’ Soon after, Andrew advertised that he was leaving the colony and that his entire stock was up for auction. In February 1840, Ellard's stock of music and instruments was purchased by Alexander Maconochie for his convict settlement at Norfolk Island (source: Graeme Skinner, Australharmony).
The scores from the 'Opera of der Freischutz' have a printer's stamp on them: 'Printed by Goulding & Co. Soho Sq. London'.
Provenance: Stewart Symonds sheet music collection.
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Sydney : [private collection]
29 scores (1 volume) ; 34 cm.
Overture der Freyschutz/ C.M. von Weber -- Victoria Victoria! Der Freyschutz/ C. M. von Weber; poetry - G. Soane Esqr. Adapted by Henry R. Bishop -- Mine the Prize and Mine the Glory.Der Freyschutz / C. M. von Weber; poetry - G. Soane Esqr. Adapted by
Henry R. Bishop -- Tempo di Marcia. Der Freyschutz/ C. M. von Weber -- Der Freischutz Waltz/ C.M. von Weber -- Ah! Faint my Heart, My Soul is Weary!/ C.M. von Weber -- Fill! Fill! 'till the Glass runs o'er!" Der Freyschutz./ C.M. von Weber -- Lo! Lo! Thy Hour Approaches Fast!/ C.M. von Weber -- Now the Clove Brilliant & Glowing/ C.M. von Weber -- Some Love One Day, Some Another/ C.M. von Weber -- Recitative & Air/ C.M. von Weber -- Ah! What! Oh! Horror!/ C.M. von Weber -- No Joy Without its Neighbour Sorrow/ C.M. von Weber -- The Dream/ C.M. von Weber -- We weave with flowers thy bridal wreath/ C.M. von Weber -- We roam thro' the Forest and Over the Mountain/ C.M. von Weber -- Il Crociato in Egitto/ Sig'r. G. Meyerbeer -- Overture --Chorus of Slaves -- The Gifts I here present you -- Ah! Thou hast ceas'd to love me -- See the Bark -- This Dear Hand -- You Know Not the Spell -- The Youthful Cavalier -- Dreams of Peace -- Mid These Shades or Nel Silenzio -- Oh Spirit of Mercy -- The Bonds of Affection -- From this Blest Moment.
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