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The beauties of Il crociato in Egitto : with English & Italian words and an easy accompaniment for the piano forte / composed by Sigr. Giacomo Meyerbeer. The Italian words faithfully translated into English poetry, & adapted to the accent of the music.
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Bound in the Stewart Symonds sheet music collection no. 3, volume of songs and music, circa 1824-1827. The volume was bound by C. Kern, 7 Hunter Street Sydney, circa 1853-1854 (date: Neidorf). Bound together with Der Freischütz by C. M. von Weber.
Cover title.
For voices and piano.
Ent. at Sta. Hall.
Price 15/-.
Handwritten (in ink) index to both Der Freischütz and Il Crociato --preceding title page for Der Freischütz.
Ellard label stuck over the I. Willis publication information at the bottom of the cover.
Publication label - Sold at Ellard's Music Saloon, 47 Lower Sackville St. Dublin.
Individual scores in the volume have plate numbers and cover pages. For example the Overture has number 1 at the bottom of each page.
E. K. Proctor sc. 65 Charlton St.t. Semers[?] Town--under cover illustration.
Cover illustration of crusader under palm tree, with pyramid in the background, blessing people and turbaned warriors in the background.
Published by I. Willis & Co. Royal Musical Repository 55 St. James's Street & 7 Westmorland St. Dublin. Ellard's label obscures this information.
Royal Musical Repository stamp centre bottom of cover page. Trimmed off.
Il Crociato premiered in London in 1825. The Harmonicon (1825 and 1826) has a number of reviews of this opera.
Dating: The beauties of Il crociato in Egitto published by I. Willis is reviewed as new music in The Monthly Magazine 1826.
Frank Kidson (1900), Parkinson (1990) and Humphries and Smith (1970) all have Willis at 55 St James's Street in 1827 and Royal Musical Repository circa 1827-29. Kidson has Willis at 7 Westmorland Street in Dublin 1825-1827 but Humphries and Smith have Willis there circa 1816-1836.
Contents: Il Crociato in Egitto/ Sig'r. G. Meyerbeer -- Overture --Chorus of Slaves -- The Gifts I here present you -- Ah! Thou hast ceas'd to love me -- See the Bark -- This Dear Hand -- You Know Not the Spell -- The Youthful Cavalier -- Dreams of Peace -- Mid These Shades or Nel Sil
Publication details:
Dublin : Ellard's Music Saloon 47 Lower Sackville St., ; [London] : [I. Willis & Co. Royal Musical Repository 55 St. James's Street & 7 Westmorland St. Dublin],
1 score (143 pages) : cover illustration ; 34 cm.
This sheet music was most likely purchased in Sydney in 1839 from the music shop of Irishman Andrew Ellard (c1780-1859). Andrew had previously run a business in Dublin as a music publisher, music seller and music instrument maker, 1819-1838, and was
the father of Francis Ellard who had established a music business in Sydney in 1833. Many of these pieces of music bound together in a single volume, by Sydney bookbinder C. Kern, contain a label for Ellard's Dublin Music Saloon and was probably part of the stock he had brought out to Australia. Ellard closed his Sydney business at the beginning of 1840 and Alexander Maconochie, commandant of Norfolk Island, purchased the remaining stock of music scores and musical instruments for use at the convict settlement.
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