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Eleanor Wingate, nee Rouse / photographer unknown
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Eleanor Wingate, nee Rouse / photographer unknown
1 photograph : daguerrotype in pinchbeck frame inside embossed red leather case; case 12 x 9.3 x 1.7cm.
Eleanor Wingate (1813-1898) was the seventh child of Richard Rouse (1774-1852), builder of Rouse Hill House in the Parramatta district of New South Wales, and his wife Elizabeth Adams (1772-1849). Eleanor married twice: first in 1831 to John Terry (1806-1842) of Box Hill, son of Samuel Terry, a merchant landowner known in his day as the 'Botany Bay Rothschild'; and secondly, in 1856, to Major Thomas Wingate (1807-1869), a retired English army officer and keen amateur photographer.
In this photograph Eleanor is wearing a piece of jewellery which appears to be the mourning brooch now in the collection of the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales. It contains a portrait miniature of Elizabeth Rouse, Eleanor's mother.
The Hamilton Rouse Hill Trust Collection.
Published in:
Joanna Gilmour Husbands & wives Canberra, National Portrait Gallery, 2010: p.102. Kelly Uhr Victorian mourning dress is colonial Australia Australiana, February 2013, p. 36.
Rouse Hill House & Farm ; HR88/12
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