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Hannah Rouse (1819-1907) / photographer unknown
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Hannah Rouse (1819-1907) / photographer unknown
1 photograph : 1/9th plate daguerrotype in pinchbeck frame inside a velvet lined dark maroon leather case; case 7.5 x 6.2 x 1.8 cm.
Hannah Terry Rouse, nee Hipkins (1819-1907) was born in Staffordshire, England and came to New South Wales in 1837. She married Edwin Rouse, third son of Richard and Elizabeth Rouse of Rouse Hill in the Parramatta district of New South Wales in 1840 and lived for the first fifteen years of her married life on the Rouse family property at Guntawang near Mudgee. By the time this photograph was taken, probably in late 1855, Edwin and Hannah Rouse and their children had come to live at Rouse Hill, Edwin having taken responsibility for the property following his father's death. In her long life Hannah travelled to Australia and back to England four times and eventually died in Sussex, England, in 1907. [ref. Caroline Rouse Thornton Rouse Hill house and the Rouses 1988].
Rouse Hill House & Farm ; R86/513-1
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