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Brassware by Mytton's : January 1938 [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Mytton's Limited
Year: 1938
Callno: TC 739.52 MYT/1
Type: trade catalogue
Brassware by Mytton's : March 1936 [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Mytton's Limited
Year: 1936
Callno: TC 739.52 MYT
Type: trade catalogue
Catalogue of Chinese brassware and pewterware / issued by Blickle Ross Company, Inc. Shanghai [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Blickle Ross Company, Inc. Shanghai.
Year: [192-?]
Callno: TCQ 739.52 BLI
Type: trade catalogue
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Thomas Sanders, General Brassfounder, St. Mary, Ladywood, Birmingham [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Thomas Sanders (Firm)
Year: September 1892
Callno: TC 683.0941 SAN
Type: trade catalogue
Encyclopaedia of furnishing brassfoundry : no.35 / W. A. Hudson Ltd. [trade catalogue]
Author/s: W. A. Hudson Ltd
Year: [ca.1935]
Callno: TC 683.0941 HUD
Type: trade catalogue
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Cornice poles and fittings in wood and brass. Casement window rods & fittings : catalogue section A / Hunter and Hyland Limited [trade catalogue]
Author/s: Hunter and Hyland Limited
Year: [ca.1920]
Callno: TC 683.0942 HUN
Type: trade catalogue
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Catalogue no. 327 : [builders', cabinet and general brassfoundry] / James Cartland & Son [trade catalogue]
Author/s: James Cartland & Son Ltd.
Year: [ca.1925]
Callno: TC 683.0942 CAR/2
Type: trade catalogue
Catalogue of modern brassfoundry and architectural metal work / E.S.S. [trade catalogue]
Author/s: E. Showell & Sons Ltd
Year: 1929
Callno: TC 683.0942 SHO
Type: trade catalogue
New and enlarged illustrated catalogue of general brassfoundry, door & window fittings etc. / W. & R. Leggott Limited [trade catalogue]
Author/s: W. & R. Leggott Limited
Year: 1906
Callno: TCQ 683.0942 LEG
Type: trade catalogue
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