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Framed silhouette of Geoffrey Rouse Terry (1896-1970) in uniform during World War 1 / Handrup
Creator: Handrup, Jens Christian, 1884-1930.;
Source: Rouse Hill House & Farm
Date: [around 1860]
Type: Picture
Les francais en voyage : illustrations of continental travel
Author/s: Wolff, Jetta Sophia.;
Year: circa 1901
Callno: Rouse Hill House R23/115
Type: monograph
Arnold's lectures francaises, Book 1 / arranged and in part written by Jetta Sophia Wolff.
Author/s: Arnold, Edward Augustus.; Wolff, Jetta Sophia.;
Year: 1906
Callno: Rouse Hill House R23/116
Type: monograph
An elementary class-book of general geography / by Hugh Robert Mill.
Author/s: Mill, Hugh Robert, 1861-1950.;
Year: 1901.
Callno: Rouse Hill House R23/130
Type: monograph
Drill in the essentials of French accidence and elementary syntax with short summaries of the rules.
Author/s: Spiers, Victor Julian Taylor.;
Year: 1910.
Callno: Rouse Hill House R23/144
Type: monograph
The gold kloof / by H. A. Bryden.
Author/s: Bryden, H. A. (Henry Anderson), 1854-1937.;
Year: 1907.
Callno: Rouse Hill House HR101/190
Type: monograph
A general's letters to his son on obtaining his commission.
Year: 1917.
Callno: R23/136-1:2 Rouse Hill House
Type: monograph
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