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You and your home / by Steven Kalmar
Author/s: Kalmar, Steven, 1909-1989.
Year: 1964
Callno: 747.20496 KAL stack 747.20496 KAL Walford/L/1.1
Type: monograph
The lure of antiques : looking and learning today / Hampden Gordon.
Author/s: Gordon, Hampden, b. 1885
Year: c1961.
Callno: Walford/L/1.1
Type: monograph
The English chair : its history and evolution.
Author/s: M. Harris and Sons.
Year: 1946.
Callno: Walford/L/1.1
Type: monograph
Georgian cabinet-makers : c. 1700-1800 / by Ralph Edwards and Margaret Jourdain. [Variant title: Georgian cabinet makers]
Author/s: Edwards, Ralph, 1894-1977.; Jourdain, Margaret, 1876-1951.
Year: 1944.
Callno: Walford/L/1.1
Type: monograph
Please be seated : the evolution of the chair, 2000 BC-2000AD / Marvin D. Schwartz.
Author/s: Schwartz, Marvin D.; Cooper-Hewitt Museum.; American Federation of Arts. Decorative Arts Exhibition Program.
Year: 1968
Callno: Walford/L/1.1
Type: exhibition catalogue
Memorable balls / edited by James Laver ; Illustrated by Walter Goetz.
Author/s: Laver, James, 1899-1975.; Goetz, Walter, 1911-1995.
Year: 1954
Callno: Walford/L/1.1
Type: monograph
Les Reussites de la decoration Francaise, 1950-1960
Author/s: Kernan, Thomas Dickenson, b.1903
Year: 1960
Callno: Walford/L/1.2
Type: monograph
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