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[French grammar book] / Dr. de Fivas
Author/s: Fivas, M. de (Alain Auguste Victor);
Year: n.d.
Callno: Throsby 445 FIV
Type: monograph
[Lennie's English grammar : by William Lennie.]
Author/s: Lennie, William;
Year: [188?]
Callno: Throsby 425 LEN
Type: monograph
The elements of Latin grammar / by the late Rev. R. Valpy, D.D.
Author/s: Valpy, R.(Richard), 1754-1836.;
Year: 1841.
Callno: Warra 19
Type: monograph
A school grammar of the English language / by the Christian Brothers
Author/s: Christian Brothers.;
Year: 1860
Callno: Throsby 425 FOW
Type: monograph
Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School 1895-1955
Author/s: Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School;
Year: 1958
Callno: 376.9944 SYD
Type: monograph
German conversation-grammar / Emil Otto
Author/s: Otto, Emil.;
Year: 1886
Callno: Throsby 438.242 OTT
Type: monograph
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