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Shaping the American interior : structures, contexts and practices / edited by Paula Lupkin and Penny Sparke.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents: 1. Designing professionals : architects, decorators, clients, and the interior design process in the nineteenth century / Erica Donnis and Susan Porter -- 2. Dealing in interiors : how Duveen Brothers and Maison Carlhian shaped an eighteenth-century French salon In 1920s New York / Anne-Marie Schaaf and Teresa Morales -- 3. Elsie de Wolfe : a professional interior decorator / Penny Sparke -- 4. Designing the gender contest : (re)Locating the gay decorator in the history of interior design / John Potvin -- 5. For men by men : furnishing the YMCA / Paula Lupkin -- 6. The Art-in-Trades Club : selling style / Patricia Edmonson -- 7. Demonstrating the profession : interior decorating instruction on early television / Danielle Charlap -- 8. Coeds and t-squares : interior design education and home economics / Patrick Lee Lucas -- 9. "Principles, not offects" : Edgar Kaufmann, Jr., MoMA and the legitimization of interior design / Lucinda Kaukas Havenhand -- 10. "Apology areas" : interior decorating and the marketplace in the 1950s / Kristina Wilson -- 11. Imaging interior design : beneath, beside, and within architecture / Penelope Dean -- 12. Modernism's glass ceiling : women in commercial design after WWII / Mark Hinchman -- 13. The future of cross-disciplinary practice / Joel Sanders.
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London ; New York : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
vi, 211 pages : black and white illustrations, facsimilies, portraits ; 25 cm
"Bringing together twelve original essays, Shaping the American Interior maps out, for the first time, the development and definition of the field of interiors in the United States in the period from 1870 until 1960. Its interdisciplinary approach encompasses
a broad range of people, contexts, and practices, revealing the design of the interior as a collaborative modern enterprise comprising art, design, manufacture, commerce, and identity construction. Rooted in the expansion of mass production and consumption in the last years of the nineteenth century, new and diverse structures came to define the field and provide formal and informal contexts for design work. Intertwined with, but distinct from, architecture and merchandising, interiors encompassed a broad and diffuse range of individuals, institutions, and organizations engaged in the definition of identity, the development of expertise, and the promotion of consumption. This volume broadly investigates the fluid pre-history of the American profession of interior design, charting attempts to commoditize taste, shape modern conceptions of gender and professionalism, define expertise and authority through principles and standards, marry art with industry and commerce, and shape mass culture in the United States."--Back cover.
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